Markus Engelberger - Founder & Chief of the Creative Tribe

Welcome to the Creative Tribe!

We are:

Creative Tribe - A network of creative communication experts


How we serve you:


+ Story Telling an Creative Writing

+ Visualisation of your events, content/information and stories

+ Infographiscs and hand-drawn explanation videos

+ Sustainable learning and development through visualization


Creative Tribe - Offering creative State of the Art - solutions in


+Graphic Recording

+ Design of learning- and development-processes

+ Content Writing

+ Image Films

+ Illustration

+ Logo Design

+ Story Telling

+ Visual Facilitation

+ Video Scribing


Creative Tribe - A hub for knowledge transfer


We are an innovative, vibrant community, developing tailormade creative solutions and methods supporting communication.


We love to pass on our knowledge and skills to enable people to communicate in a precise, effective and solution-oriented way.

This is how we roll:

We work and live based on the ideas of "Design Thinking", "Co-Creation" and a systemic, ressources- and solution-oriented approach.

We co-create solutions that suit you 110%!


Based in Vienna/Austria, we offer our services and solutions internationally.